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  • We stayed your apartment last weekend.
    We had very good time!!!
    Thank you so much.
    Your apartment is clean , large, and so comfortable. We said to each other that We would like to stay 2 more weeks!
    We could have nice BBQ,cook our breakfast every morning, and have a lot of beer and wine in living room every night.

    Ms.Lovely and Mr.Bobby are very kind to us.
    Thank you so much.
    It was our first stay in Guam, but we could have really good time because of their kindness.
    We are so happy to meet them.

    When you come to Tokyo,we can introduce a lot of things,so please let us know.

    Thank you!!!

    - Kaori Ihara, Japan
  • We’re looking for a Tumon Bay Hotel and found this. We stayed in Tumon Bel-Air for three nights with my family and the experience was just like what the ads promised! It has all the facilities anyone would look for in a hotel, specially for working moms like me, who needs to work even while on vacation. The staff was very hospitable, attended to all of our needs and made us feel like we were at home.

    - Tatyana Mihailov, Russia
  • My colleagues and I visited Guam for a golf tournament in Leo Palace. It was great that Tumon Bel-Air has a golf driving range for us to practice our swings. Best choice if you want to rent an apartment in Guam.

    - Sugita Shohei , Japan
  • This hotel in Guam is very clean and convenient, stayed for a week there with my wife. Guamanians were very friendly, and Guam is just as lovely. Lots of exciting activities to do in the island!

    - Raymond Frank, USA

Tumon Bel-Air

Tumon Bel-Air Guamは、グアム島タムニン地区トゥモン市内に建つ、タウンハウス20棟で構成されたサービスド・レジデンスです。トゥモン湾の活気に満ちたシティーライフとホワイトサンド・ビーチの真ん中に位置し、プライバシーが守られた静かで快適な環境を備えています。Tumon Bel-Airは、洗練されたデザインの近代的かつ機能的な住まいを提供します。

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